Bonotel Partners with APS to Launch New Technology Platform for Tour Operator and Travel Agent Booking Experience

Above Property ® Services (APS™), the leading provider of innovative technology designed for the global travel industry, and Bonotel Exclusive Travel, the leading inbound tour operator for luxury travel to North America, have partnered to enhance tour operator connectivity. APS’s Application Programming Interface (API) for Bonotel connects over 1,200 tour operators and 28,000 properties and delivers almost 1 billion daily transactions.

Bonotel has invested in this technology to bring more capabilities, value and more diverse travel products to existing and new customers. The new booking tools leverage Above Property’s vast library of open APIs to deliver real-time information in a clear and efficient design and provide access to a variety of third-party suppliers within one aggregated solution. Users can access a modern API that allows for a more extensive set of hotels, multiple currencies, a developer portal, change discovery and rich hotel content. All integrations with suppliers are future-proof, stable and secure.

Highlights of the unified API include:

  • Developer portal
  • Modern RESTful API
  • Rich hotel content
  • 4x number of hotels
  • Access to change discovery
  • On-demand hotel access and mapping platform (no more static files)

Other benefits:

  • Commissionable rates
  • Ability to take consumer credit cards as merchant of record
  • Activities, tickets, transfers, tour products

Aaron Shepherd, CEO, and founder of APS, explains, “In the tour operator and travel agency marketplace, this is one of the only modern APIs available. APS enables Bonotel to embrace a more agile, efficient, secure and cost-effective future to deliver the fastest, most reliable, easy-to-use connectivity on the planet.”

Simon Brooks, President of Bonotel Exclusive Travel, said, “We are proud to work with Above Property Services to connect our inventory of branded and boutique luxury hotel rooms to travelers across the globe while providing seamless service to our customers.”

About Above Property (APS)

Above Property Services (APS™) is leading the charge to deliver innovative, scalable, and services-oriented platforms for the global travel industry and other related verticals. We think differently, and we are constantly innovating. APS offers the only platform that can evolve seamlessly in response to industry demands, with credit to a microservices architecture that empowers continuous development and refinement.

Built from the ground up, the APS ecosystem empowers continuous development and refinement of your critical business processes via a unique microservice architecture. Designed for performance, flexibility, security, and stability, the future-proof framework is up and running quickly, delivering a scalable, cost-effective solution that can work with or replace your existing tools and investments. APS is a platform that adapts to you – not the other way around.

Powering both large and small companies, we understand the industry’s challenges in the past, and we have developed a platform suited for the future.

About Bonotel Exclusive Travel

Bonotel Exclusive Travel, part of Travel Leaders Group, a division of Internova Travel Group, is a leading inbound marketing and distribution partner of both branded and boutique luxury hotel rooms to a longstanding base of international B2B clients. The Company works with a network of more than 28,000 hotel partners and provides seamless electronic distribution to more than 1,200 international tour operators through the Company’s IT platform. Bonotel was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

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